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Combining NFTs and museum-quality framed fine art from the archives of artist Bob Guccione and his creations: Penthouse, OMNI, and Viva magazines.

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DROP 11 (1,000 NFTs)

OG Archive

A collection of 1,000 generative NFTs inspired by the archives and photographs from the OG Gallery. These generative NFTs combine different traits across multiple categories, creating new works as unique as the original photographs that inspired them. Replicating the experience of exploring the collection, each NFT combines rare images with materials unique to the archival experience.


DROP 10 (9 NFTs)

Guccione Illustrations

Long before Bob Guccione picked up the camera, he was best known for his illustrations, which often appeared in British tabloids of the mid-20th century. The often satirical tone would reflect on aspects of politics, society, and sexuality.

This highly curated selection of illustrations for this NFT collection has been digitized from actual pages of Guccione's personal sketchbooks.


DROP 9 (6 NFTs)


Inspired by Bob Guccione's search for answers in the realm of science and technology, Vaporwave is part of the collection of imagery from the personal archives of Bob Guccione, founder of the iconic sci-fi magazine OMNI.

Vaporwave is characterized by a fascination for 1980s and 1990s nostalgia, combining technology, art, and Japanese culture.


DROP 8 (8 NFTs)

Lynn Partington

Before Lynn Partington posed for Penthouse she was a bunny girl in the London Playboy Club. In 1971, Partington was Penthouse Pet of the Month, and Pet of the Year runner up in 1973. Partington's December 1971 cover photo by Bob Guccione was the first bare bottom to appear on the cover of Penthouse.


DROP 7 (8 NFTs)

Teresa Ann Savoy

Teresa Ann Savoy fled from home and was living in a hippie community in Sicily when she was discovered as a model. Savoy later went on to star as Drusilla in Tinto Brass and Bob Guccione's infamous film Caligula (1979). These never before seen NFT photographs were part of the materials related to her casting by Bob Guccione.


DROP 6 (6 NFTs)


Mark Dery, in his essay Black to the Future, created the phrase Afrofuturism. Today, it continues to be a cultural movement placing the themes of the African diaspora into a sci-fi and techno-cultural context, Afrofuturists present a different vision of the future—a black future.


DROP 5 (6 NFTs)


The Expurgate Collection is a reminder that beauty should not be censored for the eyes of the beholder.


DROP 4 (6 NFTs)


Inspired by Lenna, the centerfold that helped create the JPEG, this NFT collection features 1 of 1 NFT photographs that have been digitally enhanced using photo software from the early 1980s.


DROP 3 (10 NFTs)

The Madonna Pictures

The Madonna Pictures, famously published in 1987, are part of Creatd’s OG Collection, which houses hundreds of thousands of proprietary images from Bob Guccione and the magazines that encompassed his media empire.


DROP 2 (1 NFT)

The Donald Trump Pictures

From the archives of the OG Collection, these one-of-a-kind photographs were taken of Donald Trump casually signing the breasts of an Ivana look-alike in the midst of a formal gala event.


DROP 1 (6 NFTs)

Billie Deane

Gillian Duxbury, also known by her modeling persona Billie Deane, was a British actress who appeared in television dramas and sketch shows and was the March 1972 Penthouse Pet of the Month.


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