Showcasing the iconic works of Bob Guccione and his contemporaries through framed fine art.

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In late 2012, Creatd’s founders purchased the archives of iconic figure and media mogul Bob Guccione. This acquisition became the foundation of what is today called the OG Collection.

The OG Collection features published and unpublished content surrounding landmark events and famed figures of the 20th century, providing a unique view into the cultural zeitgeist then and now.


The OG Collection represents a significant body of 20th-century cultural history. Featuring over 250,000 original photographs, illustrations, documents, and videos across a plethora of genres, the OG Gallery’s mission is to showcase these iconic masterpieces for future generations.

VIVA Magazine Cover


Much the way it was originally envisioned in its printed version, the inspirational works of VIVA are meant to inspire, inform, and empower women.

OMNI Magazine Cover


The iconic sci-fi magazine, whose printed version ran from 1978 through 1995, taught a generation to seek and discover the answers that science and technology had to offer. Today's collection is meant to inspire a new quest for knowledge by looking at the past.

Penthouse Magazine Cover


With its humble beginnings as a pinup mail-order business in the 1950s, Penthouse grew to be a multi-billion-dollar company. Today’s collection offers a timeless look at the beauty of the female form.

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