OG Archive NFT Drop

A collection of 1,000 generative NFTs inspired by the archives and photographs from the OG Gallery.

Be a part of the exclusive collectors of the most iconic archive from the 20th century

COMING SOON: OG Archive NFT holders will receive access to purchase a framed fine art print of their one-of-a-kind OG Archive NFT.

COMING SOON: Holders receive early access to all future OG Gallery projects.

COMING SOON: Holders gain access to soon-to-be-announced partnerships with designers, creating limited edition apparel and merchandise.

COMING SOON: OG Archive NFT holders will receive VIP access to the OG Gallery in Decentraland.

1,000 Unique NFTs

These generative NFTs combine different traits across multiple categories, creating new works as unique as the original photographs that inspired them. Replicating the experience of exploring the collection, each NFT combines rare images with materials unique to the archival experience.

Backgrounds: 12 styles
Photographs: 24 styles
Overlays: 8 styles
Embellishments: 17 styles

About the OG Collection

Publisher, photographer, lover, pornographer. Known by many titles, Bob Guccione was a disruptor of the 20th century who created new genres of mass media, utilized his artistic sensibilities to set a new atmosphere in boudoir photography, and championed free speech with vigor. The OG Collection allows us to peer into Guccione’s complicated body of work, and OG Gallery enables the development of his ingenuity into inspiration for today’s world.

By purchasing a NFT or fine art print through OG Gallery you bridge past and present, bringing an iconic media library to life.

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